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 Fjale Shqip-Perkthym Popullorqe Anglisht

Shko poshtë 

MesazhTitulli: Fjale Shqip-Perkthym Popullorqe Anglisht   Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:27 pm

Albanian Swearing English Translation
Te *** te bardhet e syve Fuck your eye whites
Te rafte rrufeja May the thunder fall on you
Te vrafte Zoti May God kill you
Te marrte lumi May the river wash you away
T'u mshelt dera May your door close forever
Te humbte fara May your seed disappear
Te vrafte e mira May the good/plenty kill you
T'u rritte mendja May you become arrogant
Ta *** token tende Fuck the ground you stand on
T'i *** trute Fuck your brains
Te marrte dreqi May the Devil take you
T'u fikte qiri May your candle get put out
Mos u trashegofsh May no life descend from you
Te marrte deti May the sea wash you away
Te dalte shpirti si qenit May your soul leave you like [it leaves] a dog
Ta humbte Zoti faren May God extinguish your seed
Mos pafsh drite me sy May you not see light with your eyes
Mos pafsh gezim ne jete May you not see happiness in you life
Mos pafsh femi' as katandi May you not see [produce] children nor wealth
T'i verboft Zoti syte May God blind your eyes
Shkofsh si qeni ne rrush May you die as a dog [shot] in a vineyard
Mallkuar qofsh! May you be cursed
Ta *** Zotin tend Fuck your God
Faqezi - Faqezeze A man/woman with a defiled honor
Kopuk/e Punk
I/e pafytyre A man/woman with no face/honor
I/e paturp A man/woman with no shame
Te hengert terri May the darkness consume you
Te hengert nata May the night consume you
Te hengert dreqi May the devil consume you
Te hengert morti May death consume you
Te hengert morti... me qka ke May death... consume you and all yours
Kokederr Swinehead
Mendjetrashe Simpleminded
Mendjendryshkur A person with a rusty mind; rusty-minded
Katundar Hillbilly, peasant
Qen i pafe Unbelieving hound
I/e krisur A man/woman who cracks, goes mad
I/e dalur menq A man/women who goes insane
I/e shkalluar A man/women who goes insane
I/e tranuar A man/women who goes insane
T'i pifte sorra mendte May the magpie drink from your brains
Te qifte arusha qorre May you get fucked by a blind bear
Te qifte qeni qorr May you get fucked by a blind dog
Te qifte ujku qorr May you get fucked by a blind wolf
T'u rrezofte shtepia May your home collapse
Te vrafte qielli May heavens kill you
T'u mbytte femija ne gjak May your child drown in blood
U zvarritsh si gjarpni May you crawl like a snake
Te kafshofte gjarperi May the snake bite you
U mbytsh ne gjakun tend May you drown in your own blood
Ta *** nenen! I'll fuck your mother
Te *** ne bythe I'll fuck you in your ass
Nene-qim! Motherfucker
Budall Fool
Kurve Whore, bitch
Bushter Bitch
Kopil Bastard
Te *** Fuck you
Morti te hangert May death get you
Muti Shit
Hanksh e lepi karin tim! Eat and lick my cock
Kari Penis, dick, cock
Hanksh te vjellura Eat vomit
Te *** robet ne *** Fuck your family in the pussy
Te ***, kurve Fuck you, bitch
Ik qiu Go fuck yourself
Batanije burgu Prison blanket
Te *** nenen ne ***! I'll fuck your mother in the pussy!
Qiju me arusha Fuck with the bears
Te qifte gomari May the Donkey fuck you
Kokekar Dickhead
Bytheqire Assfucker
Loqe Balls
Kurve Bitch
Moterqire Sisterfucker
Robqir Fuck your family
Cica Tits
Ta Qift Gjyshi Nanen May your Grandfather fuck your Mother
Jot eme ka diarre! Your mother has diarrhea
Ti je i/e thjesht si kompir You are simple (plain) like a potato
Mos ha mut! Shut up! (lit. don't eat shit)
Me hanksh mutin! May you eat my shit
Ta *** varrin Fuck your grave
Ta *** sojin Fuck your kind
Vdeksh! Die! (May you die.)
Te mbajtshin kater vete! May four people carry you (like a dead body)
Plaq! May you explode
Milosh! Slobodan Milosevic (hated by Albanians)
Nenen e nenes Your mom's mom
Putane Bitch
Te rafte rrufeja mu ne hale! May the thunder fall in your toilet!)
Bytheqir Faggot, gay
Cope muti Piece of shit
Mut muti Shit of a shit (also insulting the father)
Bir kurve Son of a bitch
Pederast Gay
Mut i ati, mut i biri, mut ai qe beri t'atin Father is shitty, son is shitty, he who made the father is shitty
Tet' eme, ku ta kesh! Fuck your mother, wherever she is
Shkerdhat Fucker
Mut me maje Fuckup (shit with a tip)
Mut me lule Fuckup (shit with flowers)
Derdimen Uncapable, good for nothing
Shtaze Brute (wild beast)
Je nje derr me zile You are a real pig (you are a swine with a bell)
Qelbanik! Scum!
Thi Swine
Te hengert thiu! May a swine eat you!
Ti je rrote kari! You are a real dick!
Gomar! Jackass!
Bythec Little brat (little ass)
Pordhe Fart
Mos me shit pordhe! Don't fuck with me! (lit. don't sell me farts)
Pordhac Boaster (farter)
Pirdhu! Fuck off! (fart!)
Ik pirdhu! Go and fuck off!
Perdhunoj I rape
Gop Cunt
Piqke Cunt
Duc Cunt
Tallafer Cunt
Pupulak Cunt
Rroqke Cunt
***ar Cunt hunter
Gopist Cunt hunter
Me rruaj karin! Suck my dick! (shave my dick)
Hajt ma rruaj! Come and suck (shave) my dick!
Te qifte gomari mamin! May a donkey fuck your mama!
Te qifte Kina mamin! May all the Chinese fuck your mama!
Shkerdhej Fuck
Kollodok Big dick (engine crankshaft)
Une te qij me kollodok! I'll fuck you hard! (with a crankshaft)
Atij i ka rene sapuni ne burg! His soap fell down in jail (he got raped in jail)
Hyp te maja e karit tim! Fuck off (jump on the tip of my dick)
Baxhelle Old whore
Autoshkolle Warn out whore (driving school car)
Shurre Piss
Ti moj shurre muti! You nasty shitty woman!
Zuzar Lowlife
Horr Perverted man
Horre Whore
Zagar Man without dignity (hound)
Kerriq! Little donkey
T'u thafte kari! May your dick get paralysed!
Hale Shithole
Mbylle halen Shut up your mouth! (shut up your shithole!)
Je nje hale i vertete! You are a real shitty person!
Te qifte harapi i zi me dajre e napolon! May a black man fuck you with music, dances and drums!
Te qifte xhandari i mbretit! May a king's guard fuck you
Lugat Zombie
Te qifte lugati! May a zombie fuck you!
Cjap Dirty old man (he-goat)
Dhi Ugly, unfriendly girl (goat)
Dreq Devil
Te hyfte dreqi nga bytha! May the devil get inside you through the ass
Mos u hap bythesh! Don't fuck around! (don't open your ass wide)
Mos e dridh shume bythen! Don't be so sneaky! (don't shake your ass too much)
Trap Jerk
Matuf Forgetful person
Humbameno Loser
Zuske Slut
Karderr Cocky man
Bythemut Little brat (means: shitted ass)
Mjekra e priftit Pubic hair (lit. a priest's beard)
Me rruaj trapin! Suck my dick! (lit. shave my dick)
Te rente pika! May a stroke hit you!
Te rente qimja! May all your hair fall off!
Pele Big girl (lit. mare)
Sorre nasty bigmouth woman (lit. crow)
Lesh! Shit! (means: wool, pubic hair)
Koqe Balls
Koqe kandari Dickhead (means: a pair of balls)
Palaqo Clown
Ti je palaqo You're a clown
Harbut Rowdy
Rrugaq Thug
Vagabond Thug
Ti je burre muti! You're a shitty man
Morracak Lousy
Te rafte morri i gopit! May lice infest your cunt!
Te Qifte Miza May the fly Fuck you
Te Shkerdhefsha nanen Screw your mum
Te Perdhunofsha Mamin I will rape your Mother
Tu qifte nana me shkije May the Serbs fuck your mum
Trimi Mire me ***a shume The brave man with lots of pussies
Se kur kam qi *** une o qime nane, Ti ke kane te e thith cicen e nanes tane When I was fuckin pussy, motherfucker, you were sucking your mum's tits.
Njeri me Fiksime Retarded Person
Ik Qiu Go fuck yourself
Ty te qi breshka! Even a turtle can fuck you!
Te rrah me shkopin e shurres I'll beat you with my dick
Bjeri me Dore Masturbate, wank
Bythezi Black ass
Kujt po I rruhet Who gives a fuck!!
S'ma Ni Kari I don't give a shit!
Ma thith Karin Suck my dick!
Pordhe Fart
Ta henksha ***in I will eat your pussy
Ma puth karin Kiss my dick
Putane Whore
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Fjale Shqip-Perkthym Popullorqe Anglisht
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